We don’t actually push juice only cleanses or fad diets, but offer a routine that harnesses all the intentions one might expect from a cleanse alongside a more sustainable approach to a collective relationship with nutrition, nature and freedom of self.

We believe that being healthy shouldn't be about starving the body of proteins, beneficial fats, probiotics or solid food – the things so often missed out by some of the more ‘cleansey’ companies. Instead, we create our mindfully made, handcrafted and small-batched offerings from a palette of over 100 ingredients; paying great attention to the further reaches of wellness that allow for every possible outcome.

We intend to be an antidote, not only to dietary excesses but also to health and ‘cleanse options’ that are too rigorous, rigid + righteous and hope to lead by example.

Our Anti-Cleanses adapt to your everyday life – our juices contain the good fats, proteins + minerals you need to thrive. We like to call our ‘Anti-Cleanses’, (Re)treats.

Anti-Cleanse = (Re)treat

(Re)treat = the edge of the border – balanced between nutrition,

mother nature + human nature.

By offering a time + space to listen to your body’s needs, you will be invited to (re)connect the body + mind and respond in a sustainably nourishing way.

We provide three choices of routine: Active, Restore + Autobiographical, which offer complete nourishment in refreshment + repast. Each routine has three distinct chapters:


Fresh cold-pressed organic juices, tea, energy boosting vials + additional supplements


Prepared meals, snacks + treats


Hot seawater bath, raw skin food, aromatherapy + intentional complimentary guide 

Above is an example of a (Re)treat package. Offerings may vary per routine.

Your understanding of self is important to us: during the process of our (Re)treat Chapters you may increase energy levels, soothe your digestive tract and improve digestion. Cleanses intend to help correct specific nutritional imbalances within the body, but we feel this is best served by a more rounded + grounded approach. We ascribe the same value to all living things; each communicates to us an endless beauty and our (Re)treats do just that, they celebrate our bodies’ amazing ability to derive the goodness it requires to be authors of our personal needs - each to our own journey. 

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