Stop, Collaborate + Listen:
Remedies for adversity
More flowers, please
We're building a world here
Let's talk multi-dimensional nourishment + organic alchemy
Let's bring about auspicious antidotes to fast modern life.



We intend to create and curate mindfully-prepared offerings and bring back traceable ingredients from the field. We are looking for a wide range of authentic raw ingredients and we are utterly painstaking in our selection of the best seasonal ingredients available (locally grown wherever possible).

We promise to never compromise on quality and source the best produce available that we can find from local farms first. We honour the integrity of naturally healthful ingredients and seasonal produce and appreciate your patronage. We are currently working towards a system that will look at deciding the best of the most holistic sourcing methods. At this time we are especially interested in hearing from producers who are using a more than organic approach i.e. permaculture designers, biodynamic growers, social innovation projects and others engaged in slow living practice.

Send an email with letter of intent.

london makers


Our customers are often our most valuable collaborators.
We are grateful to these collaborators who choosing to support offerings that support a more socially + environmentally conscious way of being. Our customers don’t just buy the product and walk away; they engage + respond, sparking a collaborative exchange. 

We welcome our supporters to respond after experiencing the offerings. We love to understand what makes an offering great + what can evolve. 

 How we can evolve together to further health + well-being ?

 healthy student


We are welcoming collaboration with Eastern + Western healing practitioners, whom we admire + respect to develop a holistic offering. We are interested in those with a balanced approach to nourishment on all levels and are well seasoned in their experience.

Send an email with CV and letter of intent.

foraged food


Bookish + Bespoke, our makers can be like poet laureates for your mind body + soul.
Maybe they’re actually artists . . . with attention to intention- they know where things come from + how to put them together. We aim to provide an environment where like-minded people can connect through their passion for healthful offerings + mindful service.  

Each one teach one.



One day, we might seek support from an like-minded investor to leverage our mission.

Send an email with a letter of intent + why you’re sweet to our greens.

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