The ingredients listed here are part of a library that will be creating, printing another kind of truth.
A Well-Being Press
REISHI|ˈreɪʃi| noun
The Vietnamese called these nuggets the “supernatural mushroom”. Reishi mushrooms are known by many cultures for their wide array of healing wonders – fighting off viral infections like flu, aiding the reduction of stress, beautifying, preventing chronic fatigue + fending off inflation in the immune system. Reishi comes in a spectrum of 6 colours, but deep autumnal red is the one that is traditionally linked with magical properties.
Magical Mushroom
PINE POLLEN|paɪnˈpɒl.ən| noun
Ancient to Chinese and Korean culture, pine pollen is an ever-benefiting fine yellow powder. This potent dust is known to help maintain an even ratio between the sex hormones androgen + oestrogen, contributing to the balance of mind well being and cholesterol level. Pine Pollen is a wonderfully rich source of nutrients for all round vitality - amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.
Yellow Magic
TURMERIC|tɜrmərɪk| noun
Native to southwest India, Turmeric is a plant in the ginger family.  Its principal component; curcumin, is an active compound that eases inflammation and pain in the body, therefore especially easing for anyone with internal complaints, discomfort or osteoarthritis. We pair Turmeric with pepper in our offerings; this enhances the effectiveness of Turmeric's curcumin, letting the body absorb more of it into its circulation, multiplying the goodness.
Old Ease