We avoid printing unless unavoidable and we’ll use recycled paper.
We will not use a fax machine and discourage unwanted post where possible.
We will re-use incoming packaging wherever possible.
Although we recycle return our glass bottles we are currently looking at a sterilising option.
We will pursue relationships with like-minded, environmentally aware wholesalers and suppliers. We use collaborative consumption when possible. For example, we share a dedicated juicing kitchen with another company that has similar values. We DO NOT see other honest juice companies as a threat and are grateful to them for moving the industry forward.
We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and minimising waste. We are researching the use of vegetable-based inks for printing and hope to ensure that all our packaging is recycled. Our shop packaging is provided by London Bio, Enviropack and other great companies.
All future electronic devices will be purchased bearing in mind their energy efficiency and environmental merit.
We are working towards zero waste.
We work in small batches to focus on quality and be at less risk for wastage.
We manage to close the loop on most discards and wastage.
Our marketing materials and packaging will always be designed to minimise waste by creating artwork to fit to A-size output.
Our naturally healthful products require a bit of extra TLC so they are unable to take long journeys overseas at this time. With proper time and development, though, more delivery options will soon come about.