hippy presents
hippy presents
east london juice co


The gift of serendipity.

Could be a mixture of anything from candles, crystals, smudges or whatever else we fancy!

Our Remedies for adversity
Hop on the bad foot and do the good thing
Earth without the wind and fire
More vibe flowers please
We're building a world here
Let's bring about auspicious antidotes to crazy city life!

We encourage you to use your intuition for how you engage with your collection. However, if you would like a guide, we have suggested a few things below:

We’ve listed each of the offerings in an invitational order of engagement. Offerings can be displayed as the collection or separated into different parts of your life, to act as a reminder for (re)connection.

“Bonding” - Always engage with each crystal with an open heart and a sense of gratitude to the earth that has crafted these offerings. Create a safe space where you will not be disturbed. With a wholehearted intention, slowly move your hands over the crystals until you might sense a connection with one or a few. Some may ‘activate’ the crystals by imagining light radiating from each crystal. 

Place the offering on or under a part of the body you feel called or driven to.

Lie down and rest for as long as you feel necessary, all the while holding an intention to receive what you need. 

‘Deactivate’ by imagining the light going back into your crystal.